Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back In Action

New team. New players. New uniform. New focus.

Fall is finally here. I wish I could tell you that the air is crisp, the colors in a brilliant last gasp display. But that is not the case in general (this is Texas and it's hard to tell the difference between the late stages of summer and the early part of fall, after all).

However, with the turn of the calendar into fall, there are a few notable changes. Wonder Boy is back at school (& doing pretty well as usual). We are all settling into a new routine for the school year. And maybe most anticipated (at least by me), is the start of a new fall soccer season!

Wonder Boy is still in the U12 division this season. And while many of his teammates from last year have moved up to the U15 division, a whole new flood of kids (graduates of the U10 division) have joined the ranks.

Wonder Boy has a new coach (who seems pretty on top of things), a couple of old, familiar teammates, and a whole bunch of NEW guys with which to enjoy his favorite team sport.
This weekend we got to see their first game. The first game is always this big unknown. The kids have only had a couple of practices together (at best). Those moving up from U10 have a handful of new rules to learn. And there is just a general feeling out process that can only take place under game conditions.

But despite all of that, game 1 was quite enjoyable all the way around. Wonder Boy and his team played mid-morning before the temperature got too hot (& before the rain actually rolled in). And while they still need a few practices together to get a feel for how each of them likes to play, where they like to receive the ball, and that kind of thing, they played pretty well together. The final score was a tie, but there were so many chances to edge ahead for the win that it was almost hear stopping. In fact, Wonder Boy even had a last second shot on goal that had those of us in the crowd holding our breath with anticipation. The goalie made a nice stop though and both teams had to settle for a draw for the opening weekend.

It was a fun game and it lays the ground for an exciting season ahead! Now if only we could get a few cold fronts to keep the spectating comfortable.