Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 10

I'm having a little panic attack at the fact that this project has hit double digits. On the one hand, I have been able to feature 10 sweet flashback photos and 10 up-to-date snaps of Wonder Boy. But on the OTHER hand, that means there is only 3 days left until my guy turns into a TEENAGER! AAARRRGGGHHH!

I think I'm going to live in denial and just ignore that for now (we'll all be better off if I do) ...

So ... back to business ... today's featured snap is a fun one! See!

So far, this project has been entirely for my benefit. Wonder Boy has begrudgingly allowed me my snap each day. Sometimes my request has been granted among exasperated sighs and exaggerated eye rolls, but it's been granted none-the-less. And I have been thankful. What you see in those snaps is my Boy, exactly as he is at this point in his life. The REAL Wonder Boy, not some overly nostalgic version that I cook up in my head. And that is SO true for this photo.

You see this photo is ALL Wonder Boy's doing. He came up with the idea, the pose, all of it. OK. I added the processing - kind of an "acid wash" for PhotoShop - but I think it goes with the attitude he was showing off. Wonder Boy styled the wrap around shades (which are actually just those flimsy things the eye doctor gives you after they dilate your pupils) and donned his head phones, parked himself in his computer chair, crossed his arms, and instructed me to snap away. This is his "DJ look," he tells me. And I just LOVE IT!

I also love that he's in his TAMU Engineering t-shirt. Today is "College Gear Day" at his school. And I think he's geared up quite well. Maybe one day he'll be an Aggie Engineer. Until then, he's still my favorite engineer!

Our flashback snap for today is another favorite of mine, taken on his first day of 4th grade in 2011.

That was a fun school year. It was his last year at the neighborhood elementary school. And by that time, he and his classmates probably felt like they owned the place. He had a confidence and a swagger that we hadn't seen before, when it came to gearing up for the new school year. That confidence has followed him through Intermediate School and even on into Middle School. I hope we continue to see that grow in him each and every school year.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 9

For today, we get to see Wonder Boy acting as Leader of the Pack:

Wonder Mutt has boundless energy. And Wonder Boy has stepped up to take a leadership role in the pack when it comes to helping drain some of that excess energy. The Mutt is often at his most boisterous in the mornings before the heat saps even the most enthusiastic of hearts. So once the Boy is packed and ready for school, he will often take the furry family members outside for a little rope time.

Wonder Mutt is seriously athletic and can easily jump as high as Wonder Dad's head, but this is the Puppy Princess's favorite game in the world! She may not have the hops that the Mutt has, but she makes up for it in sheer determination. And once they have their teeth on the rope, it can take a while for Wonder Boy to wrestle it back away from them. It's good exercise for ALL THREE of them!

For our flashback today, we are only going back a few years to 2010 when a nearly 9 year old Wonder Boy was enjoying a summer of Muay Thai kickboxing lessons:

By this time, Wonder Boy had several years of karate and judo under his belt. But he really thrived under the instruction of Coach B. His hands were fast, his kicks came with surprising power for such a small guy, and he just soaked up all that Coach B could pass on. We were sad when Coach B moved on to other endeavors, but Wonder Boy learned his lessons well and still carries them with him today.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 8

It's Day 8 of this little project and today Wonder Boy let me snap a photo that is SO ABSOLUTELY Wonder Boy ...

Of course, it's hard to say "no" to mom and her camera when you're asleep.

For those that don't know ... Wonder Boy isn't what you would call a "morning person." In fact, from Day 1 the Boy had his days and nights backward. He wanted to be up at night, cooing and playing when we most wanted to be asleep. It took almost 3 years to get him on a good sleep pattern, but to this day, he is much more alive later in the day than early.

Looking back to 2009, we see the Boy with his puppy princess:

Not much has changed between these two since 2009. Wonder Boy adores his sweet puppy girl. She seems to thinks of him as a litter mate, just another puppy in the pack. They play and cuddle and otherwise really seem to enjoy one another. I hope they have many more years together!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 7

For Day 7 in this project, we see Wonder Boy in his most natural state:

This snap was taken up in his "man cave" (i.e. the bonus room at the top of the stairs where he has his stash of legos, his keyboard, his video games, and all things boy). With his PlayStation controller in hand and his Nerf rifle at his side, all is right with his world.

Looking back to 2008, a few days before his 7th birthday, we see a much more animated Wonder Boy!

This snap was taken after school as we discussed plans for his upcoming birthday celebration. Just look at that hole in his smile - that will never fail to bring a grin to MY face. He's also sporting his Ecuador soccer jersey, which he wore proudly to soccer practice that night.

Big or small, Wonder Boy has always been a lot of fun. Some days, that means energy oozing out of his every pore. Other days, it means cuddling on the couch with a good book. But regardless, it's always fun!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 6

It's Day #6 and a very exciting day at that! It's Kick Off Saturday for Wonder Boy and his soccer team! WHOOP!

It was a VERY exciting game between two pretty evenly matched teams. Wonder Boy and the gang in blue came out with a 5 to 3 victory, but it was tense from start to finish. Wonder Boy played pretty well and had an assist in the first half. We are looking forward to a very fun and exciting season!

Looking back on this same day in 2007, this time we see Wonder Boy kicking back with a good book:

There is so much I love while reflecting on this photo. This snap came about a week before his 6th birthday, near the end of his first 6 weeks as a kindergarten student. The book is one he fell in love with at school: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? This book led him to others in the same series and really kicked off his push to be a super reader. He had always loved for us to read to him, but opening to door to reading on his own was a whole new experience. And it started largely with this book.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 5

Woo Hoo! It's Friday! And around these parts, we have made Friday extra special by dubbing it "No Homework Friday." Unless Wonder Boy has a very big project that cannot otherwise be completed on time, Fridays are reserved for fun activities only.

The Boy is nearing the end of his first 6 weeks marking period at school. If things hold steady, he'll be on the honor roll to start off his 7th grade year. So I think taking Fridays off for some relaxation is well in order! On this particular day, the Boy and his dad are enjoying clips from John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" show.

Fun with Wonder Dad is nothing new though. From the earliest age, no one could get a smile from Wonder Boy like his Daddy. Dad is good for rough housing, help with history and language arts, building anything, planning and executing the best practical jokes, reading, reading, and more reading, and let's not forget nightly silly time!

I see seeds of Wonder Dad starting to grow in his Boy and few things give me greater joy. With these two, life is a constant adventure - and I, for one, wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 4

It's Day FOUR of Project 13 to 13 and, so far, Wonder Boy is still playing along (not always with a smile on his face, but still playing none the less).

Today we are showing off some new duds:

Last night was the Boy's first soccer practice of the season and with a new season comes a new team, a new coach, and NEW COLORS! Wonder Boy has always been a fan of blue (me too!) and while light blue might not be his favorite shade of blue, at least he didn't end up on the pink team. Wonder Boy was given the option of selecting his jersey number and he quickly called dibs on the No. 10 jersey, the same has his favorite player, Lionel Messi. We're looking forward to a VERY FUN season!

And today we're going to flash back to August of 2005 to one of my all time favorite snaps:

Oh, those eyes. Those chocolate eyes (which look darker in this b&w photo) have always been my down fall. This particular photo was taken at the end of a long day of soccer (for Wonder Dad and I) and a last minute trip to the neighborhood park for the whole family. It was a hot, sweaty August evening, but we had a blast watching Wonder Boy fly down the slide time and again. It's never easy to call a stop to that kind of fun, but at least we will always have this little snap to look back on and remember the day.