Sunday, January 31, 2016

the silly side of the street

So the thing is this ... life with a teenager in the house is a constant roller coaster ride of emotions and attitudes. I know a lot of that can be blamed on hormones, changing sleep patterns, stress at school, and all those wonderful things about puberty that I have mostly put well behind me in the past (where it all belongs).

On the whole, Wonder Boy has not been a difficult teen (KNOCK ON WOOD!) as of yet. And this is not one of those posts where I am going to complain. In fact, I'm here for the opposite.

I'll admit - I often forget that the Boy is just that ... a B-O-Y. He's still just a "big guy in training" even though his wiry frame towers high above me. He's got a lot of living yet to do and until then I need to remember that he can't be expected to react in an adult manner 100% of the time (heck, I hope those around me remember that about ME!).

And one of the true joys in our family life is when the Boy lets down his guard and "reverts" back to the kid-at-heart Wonder Boy we all know and love. We got to enjoy one of those moments this evening. It was nothing truly noteworthy - a family game of toss the Frisbee in the driveway as the sun set on a rather warm January evening.

Even before I pulled out the camera, Wonder Boy was hamming it up for his dad and I. And it brought such a smile to my heart that I had to catch a few moments to hold onto after the sun sets on this lovely day.

I truly love this side of our Boy. Sometimes he pushes the envelope of how much silly I can handle in a single sitting, but on the days where he gets the balance just right, it's a true thing of joy. We all laughed. We all joked. We all soaked up some vitamin D. And we all went back inside feeling like a family at peace.

I can't think of a better way to close out this day, this week, this month.

Thank you Lord!