Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Striker

Typically, spring soccer winds down the first week or so of May around here. Anything past that and the heat makes it tough to keep playing. That means it is fall again before league play resumes. So you can imagine how much we all really look forward to our one little "soccer oasis" in the summer when the Texas Soccer Academy comes to town!

This is a really fun camp and Wonder Boy always enjoys his time there. To top it off, we have noticed a marked improvement in his ball handling skills and, perhaps more importantly, his confidence each summer after the camp winds down!

The organizers of the TSA bring in coaches from around the globe. This year Wonder Boy's coach was from Ireland. The kids get a kick out of the fun accents and as a result pay attention to every word said. That helps them make the most out of every sweat soaked moment of camp, I believe.

This year, the Boy had the bonus honor of being named Striker of the week for his age group! For a kiddo who prides himself on his passing, this shows a new aspect of his game that is starting to develop.

Now I can hardly wait for fall soccer to get here!

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