Monday, April 14, 2014

Quick Pupdate

It's hard to wrap my brain around it, but it just dawned on me that our dear Wonder Mutt has been part of our family for over 6 months now! He's more than 7 months old and hardly looks anything like the spunky little ball of fuzz we drove home that cool, clear November afternoon.

These days he's taller, he's longer, and he weighs a TON more than he did back then.

But we're not complaining. Along with the differences in size and weight, Wonder Mutt is now potty trained (for the most part), will sit somewhat patiently for his meals, and thankfully he also sleeps through the night - those late night potty breaks were NOT my favorite.

But most importantly there is something that has NOT changed in these first 6 months with our princely pup ...

and that is how much we all love him (especially Wonder Boy)!