Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wonder boy has several 'loves' and one of those is building things. It doesn't matter if he's building with Legos, wood and nails, or even sugar cubes. He just likes to build things, to create. It's been a lifelong fascination for him. And it's something we both truly admire about him.

Yet another 'love' of his is video games. Typical kid. No big surprise. And right now, one game he particularly enjoys is Angry Birds. You know, the cell phone phenomenon.

The structure featured here is a combination of these two particular loves .... he used Jenga blocks and dominoes to build an Angry Birds scene. The dominoes represent the evil pigs. And he uses a super ball as his Angry Bird of choice. We take turns bouncing our birdie across the hallway toward the evil ones until the structure topples and the pigs are defeated once again. Then it's time to rebuild and start anew.

We also took a little time to make a papier mache Angry Bird to decorate his room.

Not a bad way to 'unplug' and still enjoy your favorite game.

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