Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Birdies

Birthdays are big in this family. Preparations begin weeks, if not months, in advance. No detail is left to chance... except there is always *something* unexpected with each event. But I guess that's just life.

So ... back to THIS birthday! It's Dad's turn this month. We did start plans nearly a month in advance, basically as soon as we were done with Father's Day activities. And the theme chosen this year (to no one's surprise) is 'Angry Birds.' After all ... we all enjoy playing from time to time and those birds got angry about some stolen eggs, so family values are big among birds just like our little clan. What can I say? It just feels right.

Wonder Boy truly ran with the theme, picking out an Angry Birds t-shirt, helping to design and assemble an Angry Birds birthday card, and even putting on his own Angry Birds skit! He spent days working on the skit - he made all of the props himself behind closed doors. He did need a hand in the enactment (you can't do all the parts at one time, I guess), but otherwise the production was entirely his own creation and it was the hit of the evening!

I think Dad enjoyed the evening as much as we did. It was the perfect way to kick off a celebration that would last almost an entire week (more on that later too).

Happy Birthday Daddy Bear! Here's to another great year! We love you!

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