Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Fourth Grade

The first day of Wonder Boy's last year in elementary school has finally arrived. We have had the good fortune to have been enrolled in the same elementary school since he started kindergarten, so walking back through the halls there is much like coming home. There is always excitement at the start of a new school year - a chance to catch up with old friends after the summer, the opportunity to meet a new teacher or two as well as make new friends, settling into a familiar routine, and gearing up for all the academic year has to offer.

Each year on the first day of school, we pause for a few moments to take pictures in the same spots. Though it shouldn't be surprising, it always strikes a chord with me how much the Boy has grown and changed since the last time he posed for these shots.

Here's to a fantastic year! May it be the most amazing school year yet!

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