Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soccer is a snap!

Lots of athletes, especially the super stars, have little quirks, small rituals or other such routines when they are really in the 'zone' performance-wise. Michael Jordan would stick out his tongue. Karl Malone slowed things down and took his sweet time at the free throw line. Others count to ten or cross them selves before entering the boxing/martial arts ring. The methods may vary, but the effect is the same - it's about focusing on the task at hand and rising to a new level of play/effort.

Wonder Boy is no different. A few years back, he had to learn to snap his fingers for a school performance. He worked really hard at it and even had his moments when he thought he would never get there. But by the time the performance rolled around, he was a snappin' fool!

It wasn't long after that performance when we noticed that, in the moments when he was really on his game on the soccer field, he was constantly snapping his fingers. When the action is tense, when he is focused on his goal (yes, pun intended) you will always find his fingers a-snappin'!

Snap away, big guy! Your game is ever evolving and so are you! Just keep at it!

Here is a quick video with a few of Wonder Boy's most recent soccer high lights:

Game 3 High Lights.

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