Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Double Digits

Ten years. A decade. It's kind of hard to wrap your brain around - how 10 years can fly by so fast and drag all at once.

For some, ten years can seem like a life time. For others a mere blink of an eye. How is that possible? I can't explain it, but I am certainly feeling it right now as we celebrate Wonder Boy's 10th birthday!

When Wonder Boy was a baby, a more experienced mom told me (after a long and sleepless night) "the hours are long, but the days fly right by." I took her at her word that day because all I could feel at that moment was the exhaustion and the weariness of life with an infant. But today, her words speak right to my heart.

Life does fly right on by when you are busy living it. And while it seems to me that our Boy was an infant just a few days ago, my memories of what life was like before he came into our world feels like ancient history.

I suppose that is how things work in this world. The Earth keeps spinning and we keep living. And from time to time we stop and ponder where time has gone as well as look ahead to all there is yet to come. Birthdays are a good time for that.

Happy Birthday to our big kid! These first 10 years have been amazing and the next 10 promise to be an even greater adventure for us all! Thank goodness we get to do it together.

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