Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blue Boy

I've sat down to write about this several times now. But for a change, I am finding the words hard to come by.

Wonder Boy has successfully completed his Judo blue belt exam! And watching the performance is something I am not soon to forget.

He has come so far from the timid little boy who started his lessons so many years ago (nearly 4 years now). And while he is still not the biggest kid in class, he has held the highest rank for a good year now.

He's earned that rank as well as the respect of his instructors and peers. It never fails to strike me just how much effort he puts into his judo class. Sure, he likes to laugh and play with the rest of the kids, but when it counts, he gives his best effort and we have seen that shape him into a very fine student of the game.

Personally, I hope he has many more years of judo to come. The gifts he has received (confidence and discipline, to name a few) are the kind that will serve him well throughout his life to come.

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