Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wearable Art

The idea came from a craft learned at camp. Wonder Boy couldn't wait to get home and show us what he had made! Survival bracelets. At camp they used boat rope. Good sturdy stuff, inexpensive, and lots of colors and patterns available.

But really, you're supposed to use paracord, he told us. Could we find anything like that?

We visited the craft store and bought 'craft cord.' It's not the same stuff. Bummer. It's still fun and gave him a chance to try out some new color combinations. But not the right material.

So off to the military depot we trudged. BINGO! They had just what he needed (though it was hidden behind decades of surplus ... well ... surplus)! And by the end of the evening, every member of the family was sporting a fancy new survival bracelet.

We're heading back to the military depot for more colors and such. This was WAY too much fun and it might make nice little gifts for the cousins this Christmas. SWEET!

Wonder Boy has been in a very creative state this summer. I hope it lasts as I am enjoying it every bit as much as he seems to be!


  1. We have a girl in our youth group making them and we love them! Randy wants one now. :)

  2. there are great tutorials on-line. this one was really helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFqPDbkj_IU