Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Sound of Music

This has been a much anticipated day at our little home. We're calling it Viola Homecoming Day!

Back in the spring, as the final days of elementary school were winding down, all of the 4th graders were given a choice of an elective for their next school year. They could either choose a combination class of Art/Drama/Music or they could sign up for Orchestra and learn to play a string instrument.

I'm an unabashed band geek and it took every ounce of restraint I could muster to not try to push Wonder Boy into selecting Orchestra. And at first, he seemed to feel that Art/Drama/Music would be a better fit. After all, that wouldn't be too different from the Art and Music classes he had been taking all through elementary school. I think the familiarity with it really appealed to him. So I held my tongue.

Then the 5th Grade orchestra made a trip to his school for a short concert. And apparently it was love at first note! The Boy came home from school that afternoon with a true spring in his step and couldn't wait to tell us that he had decided that orchestra was the way to go for him!

All through the summer he has waited for this particular aspect of his new school routine. It was a couple of days into the school year before they even got to SEE their new instruments. And a few days more before they could use them in class.

It took more than 2 weeks into the new school year before he was allowed to bring it home for the first time. And that brings us to today, Viola Homecoming Day!

At least 20 minutes of practice per day. And Wonder Boy is enjoying every second of it. We are all enjoying it actually. The viola makes a really lovely rich sound and I look forward to those 20 minutes each day. In fact, I'm already dreaming of that first concert - December will be here before we know it!

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