Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of 5th Grade

Every year as August draws to a close, I wonder where the summer has gone. It's my busiest time of the year and before I know it, another summer has slipped away.

I might not even know the time had passed if it weren't for the notices from Wonder Boy's school that it's time to gather supplies and gear up for the first day of classes.

This year is a bit of a transition for Wonder boy, for all of us really. You see, this year Wonder Boy is in a new school. He's leaving behind the familiar halls of our neighborhood elementary school and walking through the doors of the area Intermediate School. He's going from 2 teachers covering all of his class material to a different teacher for each subject. He's got a locker to find and a combination to remember.

It's a lot of changes to tackle at once. But I have no doubt Wonder Boy will sail right through it.

It's not very obvious in these photos, but the Boy is as excited as he is nervous. Sure, there are a lot of changes to swallow, but there's a lot of independence that comes with those changes. And he's been ready for that for quite some time now.

I think the harder part will be for us ... remembering that he's not our elementary school kiddo any longer.

Somehow ... I don't think he'll let us forget.

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