Friday, January 25, 2013

Could I Have This Dance?

Yes, today I'm channeling Anne Murray. But seriously, who doesn't love to dance (on some level)?! Even those of us who have two left feet can't help but start to sway when the beat is just right. And what about the rush of your first dance with your true love? It doesn't matter if you do little more than hug and rock back and forth from foot to foot. It'll still be a magic moment.

Wonder Boy has always had an affinity for music. Even as a baby he was drawn to a thumping beat and a good rhythm. He got a chance to shake, rattle, and roll in school from preschool all the way through his current Intermediate school. Movement is good for kids and what better way to get them moving than a lively tune?

That brings us to late December. A couple of dear friends decided to tie the knot and we got word there would be a dance floor and DJ at the reception following the service. FUN!

But I didn't expect Wonder Boy to take to it quite as much as he did. Not long after the bride and groom had their opening dance, other couples joined them on the floor. Wonder Boy took the opportunity to invite me for a spin around the room. And I gladly accepted! This was his first "official" dance. We've twirled around the living room together, but never out in public.

We had a great time! And Wonder Boy invited just about any familiar female at the wedding to try to keep up with him. Wonder Dad and I sat and watched and marveled at his energy and zeal. He was the LIFE of the party, imho. And he just couldn't get enough. Wonder Dad and I tried to sneak in a dance with just the two of us, but Wonder Boy quickly made it a group activity. We didn't' mind too much though. We know the days of him enjoying a dance with his parents are short lived, so we are enjoying it while it lasts.

I can't help but let my mind drift to all of the dances yet to come for Wonder Boy ... homecoming dances, proms, graduations, and one day maybe we'll find our way back to the dance floor together at his wedding. Heaven help me. :+)


  1. You have raised such a well rounded young man! I can only imagine the joy he puts on your face! He is a handsome young man!

    1. Thanks Sadie! You know he's got me wrapped around his little finger - has since his first breath. :+)