Monday, January 14, 2013

Going Greek

Wonder Boy is starting a module on Greek mythology at school. He came home today all fired up about the tale he learned today - all about the Sun God (Helios) and his demigod son (Phaeton). He spun a story about Phaeton's first (& last) ride through the sky in his dad's chariot of fire.

Wonder Dad couldn't help himself. He convinced Wonder Boy that the true point of the story was NOT a tale of creation and how volcanos came to be on Earth, but rather a morality tale about the ills of a son learning to drive.

I confess to a great deal of mirth on my part. I couldn't contain the giggles. The whole scene touched my funny bone in ways I couldn't have guessed.

I am really glad he is so excited about school. We have been introducing the Greek myths through modern fiction, like the Percy Jackson books written by Rick Riordan, for some time now. He is comfortable with the idea of the gods and their half human children influencing life for the rest of us here on Earth. He seems genuinely excited about learning the "back story" to some of his favorite tales.

I always enjoyed mythology myself. It is easy to get lost in the myths. You can imagine yourself with super human attributes, saving the day, creating something grand. What could be more fun?!

I hope there is some homework involved so we can all get a taste!

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