Monday, March 12, 2012

building a great spring break

WOO HOO for Wonder Boy! Spring Break has arrived! No school. No homework. Even soccer and judo are taking some time off for the week.

But what to do with all of this extra time?

Unfortunately Wonder Dad and Wonder Mom both have to work commitments this week.

But Wonder Boy is not one to let something like work for mom and dad get in the way of thoroughly enjoying his time off. We went through his closet and found a yet unopened Lego box from Christmas. One with THREE new buildings to construct - one for each day that Mom and Dad know they have to work. Feels like kismet, no?

Here is building one, completed on the afternoon of Spring Break Monday. For those who enjoy the Harry Potter series, you might recognize Olivander's wand shop. Still to come this week are Borgin & Burkes as well as Gringots! I'm really looking forward to my Lego-sized stroll through Diagon Alley when all 3 structures are completed.

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  1. FUN! I love me some HP! Looks like a GREAT TIME! My spring break started today!