Monday, March 19, 2012

Construction Update

Well ... thanks to a nagging cough that just wouldn't quit, Wonder Boy got an extra day of spring break. The cough is beginning to die down though, so it will be back to school tomorrow for sure. But for today at least, spring break stretches on.

And like he did over much of the break, Wonder Boy spent his free time working on his Lego version of the Harry Potter world. You've already seen Olivander's Wand shop. And to that, he has now added Borgin and Burke's, Gringot's Bank, and a towered bridge found on the grounds of Hogwarts itself!

Next we've discussed bringing out some older sets and completing the grounds of Hogwarts. Those will have to wait until after homework is done or for the weekends though, because this little vacation is quickly coming to an end for us all.

I have to admit ... I have really enjoyed the break. I think Wonder Boy has as well.

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