Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fans First

Wonder Boy had his second game of the Spring '12 soccer season and he played GREAT! In fact, his whole team played well and as a result, they logged their FIRST WIN together! Can I get a WHOOP?!

To say we are proud of the way the Boy played is a monumental understatement. To see him charging up and down that field, his confidence at an all time high, and and his teammates working together like a well oiled machine ... well ... it's a rush that is hard to explain.

Hard to explain, but a true joy to experience!

We're kind of "vocal" on the sidelines - the 2 biggest cheer leaders in the league. ;+) But we make sure our words are those of encouragement for ALL of the players since so many are long time friends and just because it's the right thing to do. These kids are all out there trying their best. And soccer is NOT an easy game ... even if these guys have moments where they make it look that way.

We enjoy the game. Plain and simple. We love to play. We love to watch. And we absolutely LOVE TO CHEER for our favorite player and his team!

Here is a look at a few plays from the game:

But be warned ... the best moments of the game will never be featured in photos or video because, we are FANS FIRST. And this means, when the action reaches a peak, you can bet we're watching, cheering, and living the moment to the fullest!

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