Friday, May 18, 2012

20/20 vision

They say hindsight is 20/20, but today I have something else in mind.

We're celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! In many ways I can't quite wrap my brain around that number. When I look at it, I can't help but think that TWENTY seems like such a long time. I mean, that's nearly half my life! But how can that be?

I still remember every detail of our first date: from the blush on my cheeks when presented with a lovely long stem red rose to the fluttering of my stomach during that first kiss. I recall what we ate, where we hung out, and how I felt for almost every moment we were together. It seems like yesterday; not twenty-some-odd years ago.

But at the same time, I can easily think back on twenty years worth of memorable moments. Our first place. Our first dog. Graduations. Jobs. Houses. Wonder Boy! It all adds up faster than I could have ever imagined.

Still ... as I sit here to ponder things on this, our twentieth anniversary, it's not as much about looking back over the last twenty years as it is about looking forward to the next twenty years (& then some)!

We have plenty more in store for us, of that I am certain. I can imagine vacations, holidays, family adventures, graduations, milestones, WONDER BOY, and maybe even a few more additions to our little clan along the way.

I feel like, even though we've got 20 years under our marital belt, we're just getting started; just settling into our stride as we take off for what is still to come!

And I am so glad we get to walk this road hand-in-hand together!

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