Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Wrap Up

As happens all too soon each season, this weekend brought the end of soccer for the spring with an end-of-season tournament. Wonder Boy's team matched up yet again with the dreaded white team. And though they again played their hearts out, they (again) dropped this one to the other team.

It was with that loss weighing on their minds that they faced the maroon team in the afternoon game and you could tell it had lit a fire in them all. They played hard, despite the searing Texas heat. And this time came out with the win!

As always, we were the proudest cheer leaders on the sidelines - proud of the whole team for all they accomplished this season! They learned a lot about the finer points of the game this spring and by the end of the season were really clicking as a team. What could make a parent and fan any prouder?

We're already looking forward to soccer camp in June and then the start of fall soccer in September!

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