Thursday, May 31, 2012

Falcon Flight

Live. Learn. Soar. Those words are the motto for Wonder Boy's elementary school. Over the past 5 years, I think he's done quite a bit of all three. He's had some amazing teachers, met and made some good friends, and even had an adventure or two along the way.

There were field trips, major assignments, take home projects, and semi-annual productions. Who can forget the 3rd grade museum ? Or Wonder Boy's tribute to Leonardo daVinci? And there is a certain teacher who will long tell the tale of the boys who decided that one of them should serve as the big finale of the marble run (& ended up swallowing the metal marble in the process).

We've all been blessed by being part of the neighborhood school. It brought us closer to our neighbors. The teachers and staff made us feel like part of a family.

So while it's a time for Wonder Boy to stretch his wings and soar to a new school, it's a relief to know that he's had such a solid start to his educational career.

Thanks for 5 great years! Here's hoping the future will be just as incredible!

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