Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Joyful Noise

May 16 - 5th Grade Orchestra Spring Concert. As the day got closer, Wonder Boy got more and more excited. He'd been practicing for about 6 weeks for this date. And he couldn't WAIT for us to take our seats and see how far they had all come since the Winter Concert.

He need not have worried about us - we had been anticipating this day almost as much as he had been. The Winter Concert was such a great experience that we were both truly looking forward to this performance. And they did not disappoint. The music was much more complicated than the simple tunes they had prepared before the Winter break. But they brought it all together and put on one heck of a show! See for yourself!

Spring '13 Orchestra Concert

It never fails to move me - watching these young musicians pour themselves into their performance. You could see the pride on their faces when they took their final ovation. They worked hard and it paid off at that moment. I guess that's just another one of the many gifts that comes from learning to play together.

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