Thursday, October 2, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 11

O.M.G. ... it's day #11 of this "13 to 13" project!

Again today Wonder Boy was super psyched about our featured photo of the day:

This was SUPPOSED to be another installment of pictures about how much music plays a leading role in Wonder Boy's world (see the trusty iPod in his hand?).

But when I see this image, despite the tell tale white ear buds, what I see is his expression. Can't you just hear him saying "Really, Mom? Really?"? We hear this ALL THE TIME! It's usually followed by an eye roll or a deep sigh, but that look is SO QUINTESSENTIALLY Wonder Boy that it brings a smile to my face. THIS is the look of my very-soon-to-be-teenage son.

But back to the music ... you cannot just assume what music Wonder Boy will have queued up on his iPod. One day it will be Elgar's Enigma Variations and the next day it will be KC and the Sunshine Band. This morning, however, it was "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede, as featured in one of the Boy's favorite movies from this summer - Guardians of the Galaxy.

I like that the Boy's music tastes are all over the place. Wonder Dad and I both have rather ... eclectic ... taste in music as well. Maybe it's a dominant gene.

Today's look back is from this same date in 2012, just a quick snap before school on picture day.

It's funny - I love the playful grin on the Boy's face, but what really catches my eye is just a tiny little detail - the para-cord bracelet on his right wrist. That summer, Wonder Boy learned how to make them at camp and then, on his own time, took it to the next level with elaborate patterns and custom color combinations. I still have the bracelets he made for me - Wonder Dad has his too and we both wear them whenever possible. Because who knows when you might just need to tie something down? Right?!

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