Friday, October 2, 2015

Project 14 to 14: Day 12

It's Day 12 now and for today's look we get a look that one day will surely be called the classic millenial look:

Phone in hand, Wonder Boy is just like almost all boys his age. He likes to keep his phone handy for those times you need to text a pal, google some interesting fact, or work his way through the latest Crossy Road level.

I think cell phones are to the Boy's generation what big hair and neon clothes were to mine.

I wonder what the in-thing will be for my grandkids? (not that I am in ANY rush to find out!)

For our look back, today we flash back to the Boy's birthday in 2012 (his 11th birthday):

In case you can't tell, that's a pile of brand new underwear wrapped up with paracord bows and a cute little card. These little "gifts" were scattered throughout the house while the Boy was at school that day. Each card had a cute little poem which revealed a clue leading to the next little surprise!

You see, the Boy had been not-so-subtle in letting us know EXACTLY what he wanted for his special day. And the ONE THING he really did NOT want to receive was underwear. SO ...

being the loving, supportive parents that we are, he got a HUGE pile of new underwear and a string of frustrating clues that actually DID lead him to his heart's desire.

Wonder Dad and I MAY have enjoyed this more than the Boy. But only just a bit!

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