Sunday, October 4, 2015

Project 14 to 14: Day 14

Today, on the Boy's last day as a 13 year old, we will be sharing some "words of wisdom" found safe inside some crunchy cookies:

These came from a special almost-birthday dinner of take out from of our favorite places. And really, I wish the Boy could have seen these the day BEFORE this special dinner. Because, unfortunately, these are lessons he had to learn the hard way this morning - especially the top "fortune."

Since the Boy's birthday falls on a Monday (and a very busy one at that), we had hoped to spend the day celebrating his last moments as a 13 year old. But instead, we spent a large part of the day in discipline mode. BUT, in the end, we all came together for this special dinner and we got these wonderful little reminders of how the world really works.

We all have bad days. Even on "special" days. But love, especially the love of one's family, is just the fire to keep us all going.

At least, that is the message that I hope the Boy will take out of this day.

In our look back to 2014, about a month before the Boy's 13th birthday, we see BOTH of my guys together:

This little snap shows the guys enjoying a new family hobby. For Wonder Dad's birthday that summer, the Boy and I surprised him with a bow. It's something Wonder Dad had always wanted to try. And he had SUCH a great time with his bow, that it didn't take long until the Boy was clamoring to join him at the range. So, we invested in a second bow and let the Boy give it a try as well. Some of our best times (when the weather is not too hot) come out at the archery range these days. It is my hope that the boy will long enjoy this sport.

And with this share, we wrap up this project for the year.

Tomorrow the Boy will celebrate another birthday. And I'm sure that I will again wonder why it is that time has to march on so quickly.

But for today, I am going to sit back and enjoy knowing that, even on his not-so-great days, Wonder Boy is a good kid, with a good heart. And I hope that, as he looks back on this day, he will understand that he has a family that loves him no matter what.

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