Thursday, October 4, 2018

Project 17 to 17: Day 17

Well ... it happened, and way too fast for this momma ... the countdown to Wonder Boy's birthday has reached the final day.

As always, it has been a fun 17 days. I have been treated to an extended trip down memory lane as I dig through photos and memory books. I pull out the best and most fun moments to share here, but reflecting on both the good AND the bad days is a treasured part of this annual experiment.

The good days and sweet laughs from times gone by warm my heart and bring a much anticipated joy when I look at my ever growing Boy and especially when I notice aspects of his personality that have persisted through the years.

But I also enjoy seeing those reminders from the more difficult days as well. Those days are like badges of honor. To see how far the Boy has some since those early struggles. To be able to see just how far he CAN go when he sets his mind to it ... well ... those are some of the sweetest recollections of all.

I look at the two photos here and I know that there is a lifetime of good and bad days and everything in between just waiting for the Boy to experience.

As his mom, I hope that the high points far outweigh the low ones. And I hope that he continues to forge his own unique path. I hope he continues to sharpen his mind and push to understand the world around him. I hope that he not only finds his tribe, but that he becomes a leader among them.

I suspect most parents feel as I do when I look at my nearly-grown child. I see this 5'11" tall, walking, talking, thinking mass of potential and I know he will move mountains if he so chooses. He is an amazing person both inside and out. He can bring a smile to my face like no other and I am so thankful to have been blessed with the role of his parent.

This little project is a yearly celebration of not just another birthday for the Boy, but also a recognition of the special blessing that he has been to Wonder Dad and myself.

Tomorrow we unwrap the gifts and sing the praises of another year lived well. May there be many, many, MANY more to come mi amorcito!

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