Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project 13 to 13: Day 6

It's Day #6 and a very exciting day at that! It's Kick Off Saturday for Wonder Boy and his soccer team! WHOOP!

It was a VERY exciting game between two pretty evenly matched teams. Wonder Boy and the gang in blue came out with a 5 to 3 victory, but it was tense from start to finish. Wonder Boy played pretty well and had an assist in the first half. We are looking forward to a very fun and exciting season!

Looking back on this same day in 2007, this time we see Wonder Boy kicking back with a good book:

There is so much I love while reflecting on this photo. This snap came about a week before his 6th birthday, near the end of his first 6 weeks as a kindergarten student. The book is one he fell in love with at school: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? This book led him to others in the same series and really kicked off his push to be a super reader. He had always loved for us to read to him, but opening to door to reading on his own was a whole new experience. And it started largely with this book.

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