Thursday, September 21, 2017

Project 16 to 16: Day 3

It's day 3 and today I am reminded of one of the BEST PARTS of this yearly project - when looking for my "flash back" photo, I stumbled on a photo that I had completely forgotten about and it brought a HUGE smile to my face.

Our snap from this morning is our dear Wonder Boy with his puppy princess. Neither of them are what you would call a "morning person" but the Boy has learned that the mornings are probably the best time to get in some cuddles with his best girl. She's really started acting her age as of late and I think we're all trying to soak up whatever cuddles she feels like sharing.

Our flashback to 2003 is my smile for the day though! I had completely forgotten that the Boy went through this phase where he wanted to do everything upside down! I drew the line at letting him eat while upside down, but it wasn't worth the fight to ban him from watching TV or listening to one of us read to him in this manner.

He really was a fun little guy who always kept us on our toes!

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  1. I remember Ruthie doing this! Such a fun age, but enjoying the older years too, as I am sure you are as well!