Saturday, September 29, 2018

Project 17 to 17: Day 12

In our look back to 2012 today, we see the Boy a few days before wrapping up his 4th grade school year. This was the last year for him to attend our neighborhood elementary school. His school's motto was "Live. Learn. Soar!" and I have always thought that was an exceptional gift to give the kids attending their program!

I was nervous for the boy as he flew from the safe little nest of his neighborhood school on to intermediate school. But he was ready. His school had set him up for success and he has really taken it upon himself to keep pushing for more, academically speaking!

For today's photo, you get a glimpse of just how far he's trying to fly when it comes to his studies!

On most weekends from September to the end of May, Wonder Boy gives up a few hours of his Saturday to attend math lectures at the university in town. This particular week, they were discussing mathematical properties of reflections or something to that effect. They were taught the properties and then worked through a proof as a group. But while everyone else was following along, our Boy set out to prove it for himself and came up with another way to look at the problem all on his own. And then, to top it all off, he programmed it all in so he could see it graphically represented on his phone!

I've said it before, I'm 100% certain I'll say it again and again, but I just LOVE the way his mind works! And I'm truly thankful that he shares these problem solving triumphs with us!

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