Sunday, September 30, 2018

Project 17 to 17: Day 13

OK. So the last couple of weeks, the Boy and I have had a running ... I dunno ... not really a joke, but a private conversation that made us both giggle along the way.

You see, I've been pestering him to get a hair cut. And though he doesn't like his hair long by any means (I could support that, if that was the case), he just hates the process of GOING somewhere to get his hair cut. He ALWAYS resists it and he's been that way for as long as I can recall.

So the "joke" went something like this .... I would catch his gaze and make scissor motions with my fingers when Wonder Dad wasn't looking. The Boy would then point at the calendar telling me "not yet." I made him commit to a date and then I teased him in this manner all the way up to that fateful day.

As I type it up, it doesn't sound like much, but it kept us both giggling for several weeks! I don't mind simple humor, I guess. And it was fun to have this little back and forth with him - usually that is more commonly done with the Boy and his Dad.

So the kick is this ... we were SUPPOSED to get this done yesterday, but we had several other appointments throughout the day and one ran super long, so we had to move it to today. So in the end, even though he committed to a particular day, he got a reprieve and got to hold out for yet another day. But at least it was for a good reason!

This morning, we packed into his car and he let me ride with him to the salon (so I could pay for the whole affair). I'm glad I got to tag along. He doesn't NEED me to come. I literally don't do anything but keep him company and pay the bill. And I could give him the funds to take care of it on his own. But I am thankful he doesn't seem to mind my company on these little excursions.

In our look back we see the boy and I just a few short years ago. Look! I was still taller in this snap! I'm pretty sure this is the year he passed me up though, by the time we crossed off the last date on our 2013 calendar we were at least looking eye to eye and I'm pretty sure that he was already a smidge taller that year for our Christmas photo. But this was another day when we were off on a little excursion together.

Wonder Dad was under the weather and needed some peace and quiet around the house on his Sunday afternoon. So I packed up the Boy and his favorite book of the day (a "Far Side" collection) and we went exploring the gardens near the George H. W. Bush Library. It was one of the first warm days that spring and we enjoyed sitting in the sun, finding comics that made us literally laugh out loud. The boy consented to letting me take some photos of the two of us together. And that summer, we framed a few of them for Wonder Dad for Father's Day.

It's a day that stays burned in my memory. A truly great day!

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